Ashe Equipment Sales and Appraisals specializes in Buying , Selling Appraising and Inspecting Construction Equipment, Trucks & Vintage Vehicles.


Our Mission is not only to serve Clients with their equipment, vehicle or tools needs, but to serve Christ and help others along the way.


River Ashe was born in Charleston, SC. From humble upbringings River and his family were caretakers on large private farm growing corn, soybeans and tomatoes. River quickly developed a deep passion while working with bulldozers, tractors and trucks. The same farm went on to set world records for pulling 40,000 LBS of shrimp out of a 2 acre pond. Yes you heard that right. River went on to take his experiences to the construction industry where he has devoted his life to helping contractors and communities for over two decades. During this time, River has sold thousands of pieces of equipment, saving the average “Joe” slightly over 24% when compared to dealer or online prices.



We are taking in consignments for any type of construction, farm, or personal equipment, cars, trucks and anything else you need to sell.  We will work with you on a case by case commission and no set rate. Equipment can be sold where it sits or can be brought to our equipment yard in Burnsville for viewing.

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